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"The Beginning Of..."

Experimental Film

« One moment. A short one.
But one that changes everything. »

Choreography by Deborah Lotti
Directed and edited by Vitùc

Script by Deborah Lotti & Vitùc
Music by Adrián Pereira Oitavén
Voice by Deborah Lotti
Director of photography : Loick Boulet
Camera & Lighting assistant : Alex Carvalho
Production Manager: Andrea Pereira Oitavén
Sound design : Eric Elter
Produced by Alessandro Larosa - GranMa Productions


June 2020



"Look up"

Teaser and full version.

Director and Choreography: Deborah Lotti

Camera: Alex Carrera, Andy Akbik
Music: Takubeats - We were in love
Dancers: Manon Bal, Olivia Nidaud, Lola Denyze, Yaz Sané, Annabelle Rollé, Tamarah Carine, Hannah Wagner, Tanguy Crémoux, Tidgy Chateau, Joel Luzolo, Shirwann Jeammes, Rayan LD, Jaym O'Esso, Thibaut Browns

New York City, November 2018



Acting showreel

Bilingual Acting Workshop

"ABC Acting for the Camera with Kacie Devaney"


June 2019

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